Whether you’re into fruity, gummy, chocolatey, liquorice flavoured or fizzy sweets, there is just something incredibly, irresistible about the lip puckering sweetness of sourbsweets. Their mouth watering ability just leaves us craving more!

As connoisseurs of sweets, we’ve delved into the amazing, sugary world of sour sweets and pulled out some incredible facts. Plus, we’ve ranked some of our very own vegan sour sweets into a top five list! So you know which ones to add if you’re putting a Pick & Mix jar together for your best friend whose obsessed with sour sweets!

Ready your taste buds, it’s practically impossible to read (and write!) about sweets without your taste buds tingling!

So, What Makes Sour Sweets ‘Sour’?

The lip puckering and tongue tingling you feel when eating sour sweets is caused by a number of natural acids incorporated into their recipes. Citric, tartaric, ascorbic and malic acid are all popular ingredients for tongue tingling and a tart taste!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

These acids all occur naturally in plants, with malic acid being found in fruits like peaches and cherries, and citric acid being found within citrus fruits, like lemons and limes! (Tasty!). The acids are extracted and then mixed into sweet recipes all across the world, or blended with sugar to form the sugared coating we all know and love on fizzy sour sweets!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

The Sourest Sweets in the World!

Loved for centuries, sweets have evolved from innocent drops of sweetness into daring challenges. With YouTubers and friends daring each other to see how long they can handle the worlds sourest sweets!

The world’s sourest sweets are currently the ‘Toxic Waste’ range of sweets! With ‘Warhead’ sweets coming in as a close second. Both have pretty accurate names which really do highlight their explosive flavourings! Each has eye-wateringly high levels of citric and malic acid, so they’re super sour! Enough to frighten any dentist!

Luckily, our sweets aren’t likely to knock your socks off in quite the same way. Our vegan sweets are a wonderful, mouthwatering blend of sparkling fizz, juicy fruitiness and succulent sweetness. So our sour selections have a beautifully sweet and tongue tingling taste, without causing your face to scrunch up like you’ve just taken a bite out of a lemon! Plus, our sweets are all deliciously vegan. Extra sweet!

Our Most Popular Sour Vegan Sweets!

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and get down to business! We’ve rounded up some of our most lip puckering, sparkling and tastebud tingling sweets to inspire your next order! If you’re buying some Pick & Mix for a friend who loves sour sweets, you have to add these in!

1. Sour Dummies
A real classic sweet shop favourite! These fizzy little wonders are a perfect level of sourness, mixed with juicy fruit flavours! They make a great sour addition to your vegan Pick & Mix!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

2. Sour Cool Melon Foam Skulls
Who can resist the cool fruity flavour of melon. Here it’s been combined with the bursting sweetness and tart taste of citrus fruits for a mouthwateringly sour experience!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

3. Sour Apple Belts
The perfect blend of sweet apple mixed with a tongue tingling fizz. These long, sugared belts create an amazing sour tingle! A staple addition to your Pick & Mix!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

4. Bubs Sour Raspberry & Lemon Skulls
Tart raspberry mixed with delicious lemon. A perfectly sour combination! Try eating one of these without your mouth puckering!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

5. Sour Rainbow Belts
Who can resist a rainbow. Sweet, sparkling and colourful. These little beauties are perfectly sour, and so incredibly moreish. They’re one of our most popular sour Pick & Mix additions!

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

Are you a fan of sour sweets? Let us know which of our vegan sour sweets you would add into your own Pick & Mix selection! Or if you’d just love a jar of everything sour and fizzy, check out our Vegan Fizzy Random Mixture Jars (

Why Are Sour Sweets So Irresistible? Plus, Our Top 5!

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