The Top Vegan Sweets

They may be small, but sweets can hold a surprisingly big place in so many of our lives. They often hold nostalgic memories, and remind us of our childhoods — Or they’re the go-to snack for when we need a little pick-me-up and a little self-indulgent treat!

What many people don’t realise is that a lot of sweets that line supermarket shelves aren’t suitable for vegans, or even vegetarians. This is because they may contain animal products like gelatine, milk, beeswax, shellac, or the colour ‘carmine’. With gelatine usually being the most common ingredient.

The Top Vegan Sweets

Pick and Mix Sweets | Photo by Edgar Chaparro on Unsplash

For those making vegan conscious decisions when looking for a sweet treat, it can be difficult to determine if there are vegan safe products, as packaging is not always clear — it can be especially difficult to navigate if you are new to veganism.

So, What is Gelatine, and Why is It Used in Sweets?

Gelatine is a protein that is collected from animal bones and tissues. It can be a cheap ingredient and it’s essentially a byproduct from the meat industry,

Like lots of other food products, gelatine is used in sweets to create a desired texture. It can create a gel-like texture, which makes sweets chewy. It’s also flavourless and colourless, which makes it a perfect ingredient to pair with sweet and fruity flavours.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to avoid sweets There are actually a surprising number of popular sweets and brands which are already ticking the vegan box

So, whether you’re buying a gift for your newly vegan sister, or you’ve recently become vegan yourself, it’s important to know which sweets are vegan!

We’ve created a list of branded sweets that are delicious, familiar and actually vegan!

1. Skittles!

In an exciting range of flavours, sizes and tastes, from giant skittles, wild berry, tropical and crazily sour skittles, the delightful crunchy shell and chewy inside is completely vegan. Skittles are a perfect snack-sized treat for someone who follows a plant-based diet!

The Top Vegan Sweets

Skittles! | Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

2. Jaw Breakers!

In fiery cinnamon or wildly sour fruit, jawbreakers are vegan-friendly gobstoppers that can be enjoyed by anyone following a plant-based diet!

The Top Vegan Sweets

Vegan Jawbreakers

3. Rowntree’s Jelly Tots

Another collection of sweet little rainbow coloured gems. Jelly tots are definitely a solid childhood favourite for so many of us, and even if you’ve changed to a vegan diet, you can still enjoy handfuls of Jelly Tots!

The Top Vegan Sweets

4. Fruit Salad Chews!

A hugely popular retro sweet, Fruit Salad Chews are a creation from Barratt sweets who are also responsible for

The Top Vegan Sweets

5. Sherbet Fountains!

Another hugely popular retro sweet that has been around since 1925. Sherbet Fountains can still be enjoyed by vegans!

6. Swizzels Chew Bars

Lemon, strawberry, sour apple, Vimto, and drumstick chew bars are all vegan! In fact, most of the Swizzels sweet collection is plant-based!

The Top Vegan Sweets


7. Millions

Wonderfully chewy, and also wonderfully gelatine free! These tiny little sweets are available in a mix of wonderful flavours, including Cola, Bubblegum and even Vimto!

The Top Vegan Sweets

8. Dip Dabs!

These sherbet-y delights have been popular for decades, and they’re still going strong! They’re another tasty creation from Barratt sweets, and a perfect vegan sweet treat.

The Top Vegan Sweets

9. Mentos Chewy Fruit Bags

Wonderfully chewy and full of fruity flavour, these Fruit Mentos are completely safe for vegetarians and vegans. Not all Mento products are vegan however, but these pink and orange chews contain no gelatine.

The Top Vegan Sweets

10. Love Hearts

These crunchy little treats are free from gelatine and perfect for exchanging with your plant-based beau!

Which Sweets Are Vegan? Love Hearts!

Today, gelatine can still be found in a number of highly popular sweets, like marshmallows, jelly babies and gummy bears. However, there are lots of new vegan sweet alternatives to these favourites now available, including in our vegan pick and mix range!

Featured Image | Photo by Dmitry Mishin on Unsplash

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