The Sourest Sweets in the World

All across the world sour sweets have become the centre of dares and challenges, as people test their limits by indulging in the sourest sweets they can find. So, whether you’re setting up a competition between friends, or you simply have a taste for the super sour, we’ve created a list of the sourest sweets in the world!

If you’re interested in the science of why sweets are so sour, find out the reason why in our other blog post here!

Here are the sourest sweets in the world, ranked from mildly sour to wildly sour!

12. Rainbow Shocks

We’re starting off small with these mouthwatering twirls of rainbow sourness. We hold these sweets in our vegan pick and mix selections, and while they may not have the lip-puckering sourness of the top 3 sour sweets, they can definitely provide a bit of a kick!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

11. Sherbet Lemons

A classic little number, sherbet lemons have a delicious lemony zing. As sweet science has advanced, we’ve managed to make some seriously sour sweets, but at one point, these were one of the sourest options available in most high street sweet shops!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

10. Sour Melon Slices

Another delicious find in our vegan pick and mix selections. The fizzy coating on these fruity melon slices can definitely provide a lip-puckering kick!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

9. Swizzels Stingers

These chew bars from Swizzels are deliciously fruity, but they have a secret fizzy sherbet sting lurking at the centre!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

8. Sour Nerds

A popular American sweet brand, Nerds have their own packet of super sour sweets! Available in tasty flavours like strawberry lemonade and blood orange, they’re a perfect balance of sweet and sour!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

Nerds | Photo by Evan-Amos on Wikimedia Commons

7. Skittles Crazy Sours

Wonderfully fruity and crazily sour, these rainbow gems have a delicious mouthwatering effect. The US sour skittles have a fizzy dusting of citric acid on their shell, which gives them an edge over their British cousins! Find them the UK version in our collection of branded sweets!

Sour skittles with lime green packaging and the classic rainbow swirl. Ranking high on the list of sourest sweets in the world.

6. Brain Licker

An extremely descriptive name! The Brain Licker is sweet with a fruity ball that rotates as it’s licked and dips into a container full of extremely sour liquid. It’s definitely a serious step up into excessive sourness!

5. Sour Flush

With similarities to a Brain Licker, the Sour Flush is a hard lolly sweet that is dipped into a toilet shaped container full of incredibly sour sugar powder. Again like the Brain Licker, the Sour Flush is a sour sweet that comes with a warning for small children, as it can cause blistering and burns in the mouth!

4. Cry Baby Tears

These sour sweets are shaped like little teardrops… which is what may be falling from your eyes if you eat these! They’re wildly sour, and a retro favourite in the US and Canada!

The Sourest Sweets in the World

These top 5 sweets can all be likened to eating a lemon! | Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

3. Warheads Extreme Sour

An extremely close rival to the world-famous Toxic Waste sweets. Warheads even has a section in their FAQs dedicated to safety and warnings for children and anyone with a sensitivity to sour foods!

2. Toxic Waste

It’s all in the name. These incredibly sour sweets are usually presented in their own little toxic waste drum, in a similar style to real radioactive toxic waste! They feature in lots of online challenges and Youtube is full of people competing to see how long they can keep the sweets in their mouth.

The Sourest Sweets in the World

Would you try the sourest sweet in the world? | Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

1. Barnetts Mega Sour Fruits

These mega sour fruits come from Barnetts, a British brand based in Nottingham. They can be found in separate flavours of lemon, raspberry, apple, lemon and cherry, or in a mixed bag. It’s definitely a bag of sweets that you’ll want to share, as many people claim eating just one is more than enough!

Their sweets meet the regulations of most countries for acidity content, but they really do push the boundaries, and are definitely the sourest sweets in the world!


Featured Image: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

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