8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows

Sweets have a huge place in every country and culture. They act as little reminders of childhood. There was nothing quite like having the power of choosing your own packet of pick n mix at the local sweet shop!

Because of this sweets have a big place in our hearts and within the cultural zeitgeist. So it’s no wonder that they’ve made their way onto our media too, to feature in blockbuster films and best-selling books.

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows

From witches and wizards to time lords. Here are 8 sweets that feature in some of our most-loved TV shows, films and books!

1. Sherbet Lemons in Harry Potter

In the almighty Harry Potter franchise, there’s a mention of one of the UK’s most popular old-fashioned sweets… The Sherbet Lemon! It’s the secret password to enter Dumbledore’s headmaster’s office at Hogwarts.

Sherbert Lemons ate probably the most famous Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films. Dumbledore's outfit can be seen on a Mannequin on the left of the office.
Dumbledore’s Office set from the Harry Potter film franchise! | Photo by Ank Kumar / Wikimedia Commons

2. Turkish delight in Narnia

In the classic series of books written by C. S. Lewis Turkish delight plays a small but significant role in the storyline. The evil white witch uses Turkish delight to win the trust and loyalty of Edmund, one of the 4 siblings.

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
Cubes of our tasty vegan Turkish Delight on Sweet Love of Mine

3. Marshmallows and M&Ms in Elf

Spaghetti, marshmallows and M&Ms for breakfast anyone? If you fancy recreating this exceptionally sugary dessert, you can follow this Elf Spaghetti recipe from My Recipes!

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
A bowl filled with a colourful mix of classic M&Ms! | Photo by Sebastian Gómez on Unsplash

4. Jelly Babies and Doctor Who

These chewy little sweet treats are often mentioned in the Doctor Who series as being the favourite sweets of The Doctor. Several Doctors have enjoyed them throughout the years, but they’re usually most associated with the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
An emptied packet of tasty Jelly Babies| Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

5. Gummy Bears in the Gummi Bears Disney Series

Gummy bears are one of the staples of the sweet and candy world. Deliciously sweet and colourful, they were eventually awarded their own TV show in the form of ‘Gummi Bears’. It’s a series that follows several ‘gummy’ bears and their adventures and their secret life away from humans.

6. Jelly Beans and Harry Potter

The infamous Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans from Harry Potter are loosely based on the famous Jelly Bean! Although with traditional Jelly Beans you don’t have the risk of eating an earwax flavoured bean!

Jelly Beans were also apparently pelted when the Beatles were on stage in America. This is because George Harrison once claimed that he liked Jelly Babies and Jelly Beans were the American equivalent!

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
A big bowl filled with mutlicoloured Jelly Beans! | Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

7. Razzles in 13 Going on 30

Retro candy from America, Razzles were featured in the hit film 13 Going on 30. It sees the main character Jenna Rink switch from 13 to 30 overnight, and her favourite candy is still Razzles. As mentioned in the film, it’s both a candy and a gum!

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
A selection of Razzles! | Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

8. Humbugs in A Christmas Carol

Often used as an exclamation to show displeasure by a grumpy character in lots of Christmas films. It was made famous in the novel, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Old Ebenezer Scrooge uses the phrase “Bah! Humbug!” when he’s wished a Merry Christmas by one of the other characters.

8 Sweets Mentioned in Famous Films and TV Shows
Black and white striped Humbug sweets! | Photo by Pete from Liverpool, UK / Wikimedia Commons

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