6 Party Decor Ideas with Sweets

Bring a little sweetness and colour to the party with pick and mix sweets! Pick n mix can be so much more than a tasty snack at the movies or on a day trip. Their bright colours lend themselves perfectly to adding a splash of colour to party decor.

Party decor ideas with sweets

From sweet-filled piñatas to ‘fruit’ cocktail sticks, and party games to party nibbles, here are 6 unique party decor ideas with sweets!

1. Sweet Buffet

We all know the best part of any party buffet is the sweet treats… You could decorate a table with jars of your favourite pick and mix and fairy lights. Or you could place boxes of sweets on a buffet table for everyone to dig into.

6 Party Decor Ideas with Sweets
One of our most popular pick and mix glass jar sizes on Sweet Love of Mine

Sweet buffets work well at weddings to keep little and of course big kids entertained! But they also make a great addition to any big celebrations where people can mill around and help themselves!

A glass jar filled with marshmallows and cups filled with sugared fruit sweets.
A buffet with a jar of Marshmallows and fruity sweets in cups | Photo by delfi de la Rua on Unsplash

2. Sweet Party Decor!

Creating a themed party for a birthday or celebration? Colourful sweets are a perfect way to add a little sweetness and also create some bright and unusual decorations! 

How about a science-themed laboratory set up, or maybe you can use rainbow candy canes to create garlands or cake toppers. Blue or pink sweets could also be used for party ideas gender reveal parties too!

Science test tubes and vials filled with crystalised sugar and sweets.
A collection of science themed pick and mix party decor! | Photo by Ticka Kao on Unsplash

3. Lollipop Props!

Great for fun portrait photography sessions and party photos, especially for birthdays, anniversaries or weddings. Fill a basket with large lollipops or multicoloured candy canes for guests to pose with inside photo booths or for group photos. They make awesome colourful props, and best of all, they can be eaten afterwards!

6 Party Decor Ideas with Sweets
Two heart shaped swirly lollipops | Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

4. Sweet Cocktails and Mocktails

We created a blog post all about pairing wine with sweets (our vegan Sour Dinosaurs were paired with Champagne FYI). But pick and mix sweets are also a great pairing for cocktails, mocktails and other fruity drinks!

You could sprinkle Mini Fizzy Strawberries into a strawberry mojito. Place a wedge of Fizzy Lemon or Orange onto the side of your tropical mocktail. Or you could simply fill cocktail glasses with Millions and other tasty sweets for a cute serving style.

A glass jar filled with rounded sweets and a straw.
A fruity sweet cocktail and straw! | Photo by Sarah Takforyan on Unsplash

5. A Sweet Filled Piñata

An excellent game for big kid birthday parties. Create your own DIY piñata and fill it with all of your favourite pick n mix or branded sweets. Here’s a great video from DIY With Tina that shows you how to create your own piñata at home. If you’re using loose pick and mix sweets make sure there’s a cloth to catch them underneath!

6 Party Decor Ideas with Sweets
A close up of a frilly rainbow-coloured piñata | Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

6. Sweet Cocktail Sticks

For an even sweeter twist on pineapple and cheese or classic cocktail sausages, try making these tasty sweet cocktail sticks! You could even create ‘fruit’ cocktail sticks by skewering Giant Strawberries, Fizzy Sour Apples, Jelly Cherries and Fizzy Watermelon Slices. These are a fun idea for parties and make a lovely addition to BBQs and summer parties.

Wooden skewers with jelly sweets.
A tray filled with fruity sweet skewers in red, yellow, green, orange, pink and purple | Image by dhanelle from Pixabay

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