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We are incredibly proud of our tasty vegan sweet selections, all wrapped up in  sustainable, plastic-free packaging. Howeverwe wanted to take it an extra step  further.  

We are partnered with the wonderful One Tree Planted charity. This means that with  every order of tasty vegan sweets placed at Sweet Love of Mine, a portion of the sale is  donated to this amazing organisation. They then use the donation to plant a tree in an  area where it will make a big difference.  

One Tree Planted organises projects throughout different continents, to ensure trees  are planted within areas of need throughout the world. From the Amazon rainforest in  Brazil, to the uplands of Scotland!  

Why trees we hear you ask?  

Well, they’re extremely vital members of ecosystems around the world. They do  incredible things. Like supporting soil structure to minimise the risk of flooding in  some areas, and they can lock in carbon, reducing the amount of pollution in the air  (which helps to slow down climate change!). They really are invaluable.  

The charity also supports the re-wilding of areas that have been lost to deforestation or  unsustainable farming. Restoring trees helps nature to flourish and in turn this  promotes biodiversity! Trees provide a safe and vital habitat for wildlife, including some  vulnerable and endangered species too. Giving native wildlife a safe place to live is an  important stage in helping to revive population numbers of any threatened species.  

The tree planting projects around the World also help to employ local people where ever  the projects are taking place. In many areas, the trees planted can be used as a means  for local people and farmers to generate an income, through sustainable forestry  practices or by growing crops.  

How exactly does it work?  

With every order you place with us, we donate a small portion of the total straight to the  One Tree Planted charity. The donation we submit from your order helps to cover the  costs of planting one tree. This includes preparing the ground, growing and nurturing  the sapling and finally planting the tree! It also helps to support the maintenance of the  trees health and growth afterwards too! So, sweets = trees! 

What exactly does the charity do?  

The charity ensures a variety of native species are selected to match the country and  habitat, from Sweetgums in Honduras to fruit bearing Durian trees in Indonesia. This  makes the new areas of woodland and forest as biodiverse as possible. They may also  

plant non-indigenous trees (for example Shea trees in Uganada), as a crop tree, to help  farmers and locals create a more stable and sustainable income. 

One Tree Planted has projects in Borneo which support forests for Orangutans, as well  as a project in Uganda, where they have partnered with the Jane Goodall Institute to  restore forests for Chimpanzees! They’re doing great work all over the World!  

Why did we choose to help?  

Whilst our packaging is sustainable and our sweets are vegan; Supporting the planting  of trees is another great way for us to further support the natural world. Planting trees  helps to reduce climate change, improve air quality and it support groups of people all  around the world! We’re thrilled to be able to support all of this.  

You can read more about our Sustainability Promises here, and also how we support  our local bees! Never has indulging your sweet tooth brought so many great little  benefits to the World! 

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