Feeding The Bees

Whilst we’re acting like busy little bees, sorting sweets and crafting amazing vegan  sweet selections. We are also busy saving every last granule of sugar, and storing it  ready for a new purpose… 

We have teamed up with a wonderful local bee keeper here in the centre of England, to  donate any excess sugar that we collect straight to their hives!  

Bees and sweetness are often linked, we often use sugar water to revive tired bees, and  they produce their own sugary sweet honey after all! But did you know that sugar can  provide a vital lifeline for bee colonies?  

So how does the sugar help the honey bees?  

  • Sugar can provide a vital source of energy for bees during the late winter and early  spring periods, when their own stored honey and nectar supplies may be getting  critically low. It can literally save the bees from starvation!  
  • If there is bad weather in early spring (lots of rain or late snow) bees will not be able to  fly out and collect nectar, making them ever more dependant on the last remaining  supplies of their stores.  
  • This extra sugar boost helps to keep the bees well fed and safe, whilst they wait for  warmer and more stable spring weather.  
  • The sugar provided by the bee keeper could help to stimulate breeding, ensuring that  the population feels secure enough to raise a brand new generation of bees!  
  • By energising the bees and creating new generations, this in turn means more bees  will emerge and play their vital role in pollinating crops and native plants and flowers!  
  • We know that the waste sugar we send is safe and suitable for bees. Meaning they are  kept safe and sound from any nasty additives.  

It’s important to note that the sugar will only be used by the bee keeper during seasons  when nectar supplies will be low. When all the flowers begin to bloom in spring and  summer the bees should usually have enough nectar to keep them going!  

Why are bees so wonderful?  

Bees may be small, but these furry little insects play a huge role in supporting  ecosystems throughout the world. They’re vital pollinators, and studies have  determined that bees pollinate roughly 9 out of 10 wild plants and 3 out of 4 farmed  crops, so most meals we consume really depend on them! Plus, is there anything  lovelier than walking past a field of lavender or a flowering plant humming with the  harmonious sound of busy bees.  

Why do bees need our help? 

It’s fairly well known that bees today are struggling more than ever before. Toxic  chemical pesticides are commonly used on farmed fields, to help farmers create high  yields. Wildflower meadows are destroyed and replaced with housing, roads and huge  monoculture fields. Green spaces in general have been greatly limited over the years,  and the use of artificial grass and plants sometimes used in place of the real thing can  worsen the problem. It’s no surprise that bees have started to struggle.  

That’s why we think its vital that we provide support in any way we can. And what better  way than donating a sugary sweet supply that may have otherwise been swept away.  Looking after the natural world is one of our top priorities (equal to providing amazing  vegan sweets of course!).  

If you’re interested in learning more about other ways we try to help the natural world,  you can read about our Sustainability Promises here. And if you thought that sounded  great, just wait until you hear about our partnership with One Tree Planted!

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