A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

Embroidered with a name, printed with a photo or etched with a date, a personalised gift takes gift giving to another level. In a world full of factory-produced, identical products, it’s hard to argue with just how special it feels to receive something that has been personalised especially for you.

If you’re on the lookout for unique personalised gifts, discover our pick of some of the best personalised gifts for any occasion — from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and seasonal celebrations!

1. A custom portrait

A completely unique gift and not as expensive as it sounds! Find artists and illustrators on sites like Etsy who can create stylised couple illustrations and prints, or maybe even a pet portrait if you’re looking for a gift for someone who’d love a drawing of their pup or cat!

A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

Pet portrait! | Photo by CHARLI on Unsplash

2. Initialised jewellery

Always a chic and classic option, personalised jewellery comes in all shapes and forms, and matches any budget too. From unique rings engraved with special dates, to a sweet and simple necklace with initials.

4 gold earrings each with a letter that reads MAMA.

Earrings with initials | Photo by Hasan Gulec from Pexels

3. A jar of specially selected pick and mix

The sweetest gift of all, literally! Fill a jar with the favourite sweets of the lucky recipient and add their name on the jar to make it extra special. We have an almighty collection of vegan pick and mix for you to browse. Whether it’s sherbet lemons and strawberry bon bons for your Gran, or a jar full of fizzy sweets for a friend! We have a range of pick and mix jar sizes to suit all budgets, and the jars are reusable which makes it a great eco-conscious gift!


4. A personalised ring dish

An incredibly lovely wedding or anniversary gift. Lot’s of unique sellers now let you personalise ceramic dishes with dates and initials of special occasions — plus they’re perfect for holding wedding rings or special jewellery!

A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

Somebody creating a ceramic dish | Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

5. Personalised fitness gifts

Whether they love yoga, pilates, running, cycling or swimming, how about a monogrammed gym bag or water bottle? The digital printing company Bags of Love has a new and very unique range of personalised workout leggings and even a yoga mat that can be printed with your own photos!

A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

Printed yoga mats! | Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

6. A cosy monogrammed blanket

If you’re buying for someone who prefers cosy-ing up in the evenings rather than heading to the gym, a personalised blanket will go down a treat!

A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

A cosy throw | Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

7. Personalised EarPod case

To save mix-ups with friends or family, a monogrammed case for Apple AirPods or Beats in-ear headphones is a unique way to bring a little personality to an everyday item.

8. A map of a special location

Search for ‘location maps’ on Etsy and you’ll be met with a dizzying array of map styles and sizes where you can mark a special location! Mark the exact spot where you proposed, where you met, where they were born or a special holiday that you went on together! It’s a really sweet gift that can symbolise such special moments!

A Guide To The Best Personalised Gifts You Can Give For All Occasions

Pinpoint fun locations! | Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

9. A personalised mug

Coffee, tea or herbal brews, nothing makes a morning wake-up or a relaxing afternoon cuppa sweeter than drinking from your own special mug! Add sweet nicknames or funny messages!


10. Star chart print of a special date

If you’re really looking to win points for thoughtfulness, how about a personalised print that celebrates the night you met, or your wedding day? You can now find maps of the night sky for a particular date and geographical location!

Silhouetted mountains in Milford Sound, New Zealand. The milky way streaks across the sky, and a small meteor shoots across the left side of the photo.

Starry sky | Photo by Phil Botha on Unsplash

11. Monogrammed wallet or bag

A wallet, cardholder or purse with printed initials is a subtle and very elegant way of bringing a little personalisation to a gift.

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