5 Reasons to Give a Sweet Jar Gift!

5 Reasons to Give a Vegan Sweet Jar Gift!

Finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one can often feel like a real challenge. We can spend hours wandering in and out of shops, or infinitely scrolling online; looking for something that perfectly summarises how much we love them, but also something that suits our budget too! (Diamonds are nice and all, but how about a jar of sparkly, fizzy sweets!). 

Incase you needed persuading that sweets are an awesome gift to give, we have collected some lovely reasons to consider choosing a tasty jar of Pick & Mix sweets for the next big celebration you’re buying for! Whether that’s your best friends Birthday, your Grandma’s 80th, or you’re pre-planning what to buy that special someone for Valentine’s Day! We have you covered!

1. It’s a Double Gift!

We are incredibly proud to support a Tree Planting Charity, which means that for every single order placed, a tree will planted in an area of need around the world! Not only are you gifting your friend or loved one with a jar of delicious sweets, you’re also supporting a re-wilding project, or planting a crop tree for a farmer! So it’s not just a gift for the person you’re buying for, how sweet is that!

5 Reasons to Give a Sweet Jar Gift!
Photo by George Bakoson Unsplash

2. It’s a Great Eco-Friendly & Vegan Gift!

Not only are our sweets deliciously vegan, but our ‘kilner’ style glass jars are reusable too! After the last few sweets have been been emptied, the jar can take on life as something new (or it can be recycled). From a stationery or tea light holder, to loose tea storage! Check out these creative ideas for reusing a glass jar! Not only are the jars sturdy and reusable, they also look lovely with a rainbow selection of fizzy, fruity Pick & Mix showing through the glass!

5 Reasons to Give a Sweet Jar Gift!
All Vegan and all Delicious!

3. Sweets Are Loved Throughout the Generations!

Sweets are appreciated throughout the generations, from Gen X to Gen Z! No matter the age, sweets have an amazing ability to bring joy and even nostalgia! We hold a HUGE range of Pick & Mix sweet options. So whether you’re buying a birthday jar for your 100 Year Old Grandpa, or a jar for the Best Girlfriend Ever, we have sweets they’re sure to love! From bonbons and sherbet lemons, to Salted Caramel Fudge and Fruity Hearts!

5 Reasons to Give a Sweet Jar Gift!
Sherbet Lemons and one of our personalised Pick & Mix Sweet Jars!

4. So Much to Choose From!

Whether you’ve saved up some pocket money to buy a sweet Father’s Day gift, or you’re treating the whole office to a hefty Pick & Mix jar! We have lots of different options to suit different needs! From small ‘snack’ sized jars, up to a whopping 3kg! We also have amazing personalised gift options too, we can print sweet messages and name’s onto the jars too!

With over 50+ sweets to choose from it’s easy to create a perfect selection of sweets that are sure to be loved. Whilst our sweets are all vegan, we also have an amazing selection of soya free, gluten free, and palm oil free sweets too! So if you’re buying a gift for someone who follows a certain diet, we have lot’s to choose from!

Our palm free, soya free and gluten free logos.
We have lots of Palm Free, Soya Free and Gluten Free Sweets!

5. It’s a really thoughtful gift!

Choosing a selection of sweets that you know your friend or loved one will love is a lovely way of showing how well you know them! With our Pick & Mix Sweet Jars you can craft their perfect selection of sweets. Have a friend addicted to mouth-wateringly sour sweets? Or are you assembling a cute Valentine’s jar that you’ll fill with Love Hearts and Luxurious sweets? Our large collection of vegan sweets allows you to choose a selection which match their personality, hobbies (Gummy carrots for gardening!?), favourite animals (mighty meerkats!) or even hint at funny personal jokes!

5 Reasons to Give a Sweet Jar Gift!
Some of our super sour Bubs Raspberry & Lemon Skulls and a gift for the boyfriend!

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